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Brine + Love = (Rullepølse + Corned Beef + Sunshine)

As March roared in with yet more stormy winter weather, a series of dismaying events occurred.  First, my beloved truck broke down in a decidedly permanent fashion. As a wheelchair-using person who lives rurally, I spend most of the year … Continue reading

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The Salt Cure: Plain, Savory, and a Fine Paté

This month’s Charcutepalooza challenge involved dry salt curing, and I had a number of projects in mind.  I knew that I needed to start another guanciale because I was halfway finished eating the first one I’d made back in December, … Continue reading

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Vermont Salumi

I heard a story recently on Vermont Public Radio about a charcuterie maker named Pete Colman, and being a student of the art myself, and impulsive, I looked up his website and called him to ask if I could come … Continue reading

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Devilled Pig Kidneys

On Sunday I had the great good fortune to attend Cochon 555, a rock-concert-like celebration of heritage pigs.  Five amazing chefs, five different heritage pigs, a butchery competition, really great oysters, lots of fantastic people, and my favorite St. Germaine … Continue reading

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New Year’s First Leverpostej!

I was going to title this post New Year’s First Liverwurst, because it rhymed nicely, and because I generally use the term liverwurst when telling non-Danes about leverpostej, but in fact, leverpostej isn’t technically a liverwurst, but rather a liver … Continue reading

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Making guanciale

I wished for and received the excellent book Charcuterie by Brian Polcyn and Michael Ruhlman around 5 years ago, not long after it came out.  I was entranced by the subject and read the book from cover to cover, and … Continue reading

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Love is headcheese made by mom

I came into a dozen lovely Tamworth pig’s heads recently, and my mom very graciously let me store them in the big chest freezer in her barn.  I told her that she was welcome to use some, and she promptly … Continue reading

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No, really, nibble my ear!

A second recipe from Fergus Henderson’s Beyond Nose to Tail has been wooing me with its siren call (the first was trotter gear, which I’ll post about another time), and I had finally gathered enough pig’s ears together to give … Continue reading

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Hog casings from scratch

As mentioned a few days ago, I decided to harvest some small intestine from the pigs we slaughtered on Tuesday to make my own hog casing for sausage-making.  Early that morning I had been reading in Charcuterie how Brian and/or … Continue reading

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Pied de cochon

I stumbled across this recipe a few weeks ago while on a web-meander in search of pig trotter recipes. I tracked the history of this dish as far back as Thomas Keller, from his book Bouchon, but I also took … Continue reading

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