2011: Looking Ahead

Snowy back yard

It’s midwinter here in Vermont, we’ve had our first few snowstorms, and I’m relishing the opportunity to get a little inward, a little contemplative.  Granted, there’s still a fair amount of running around like the proverbial headless chicken, but less so than during the busy spring, summer, and fall months when farming my patchwork tinyholding, baking for my farmer’s market booth, fly fishing, learning butchery, doing astronomy, foraging, and cavorting with friends keeps me busy busy busy.

This winter’s quiet is not entirely uninterrupted –there’s the giant packing up of all my worldly goods in preparation for a several-month temporary move due to my building being renovated, and Wednesday is CSA pickup & delivery day (and dinner & movie night with mom and her sweetie).  But I am enjoying having a little time to sketch out a rough vision of what I’d like to do over the next year.

This coming year I’ve got two projects that I’m really enthusiastic about: the first is Charcutepalooza –see the piggy badge up to the right?  Mrs. Wheelbarrow and The Yummy Mummy are hosting a new charcuterie project each month, and I’m really excited about taking part!  I’ve already been ramping up my charcuterie activities (hence this blog), but doing so in good company brings it all to a whole new level.  January’s project is duck prosciutto, and I have two fat Magret breasts hanging in my curing environment.  I’ll post about it when it’s finished, which should be less than a week now.

I’m also really happy that Tigress (of Tigress in a Pickle and Tigress in a Jam) has announced that there will be a Can Jam again here in 2011.  Yippee!  Last year I didn’t learn about Can Jam until a few months in, but boy did I ever participate in spirit.  Here is my mound of Christmas gifts for my family, and you’ll note that it’s all mostly jar-shaped ..

Lots of jars of pickles, jams, jellies, and various preserves, wrapped for christmas

This year I plan on continuing to make lots of pickles, preserves, marmalades, butters, and vinegars, and I hope to participate more with the Can Jam community as well as blog about it, perhaps over on my more general blog.  Not sure yet, and Tigress hasn’t fleshed out yet what the plans for this year are, but I’m already getting juiced up about this, and planning my gardens with yet more preserving in mind.  You should see the enticing stack of seed catalogs in my bathroom library!


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Ugly & fabulous, warm & obsessive, brilliant & dorkmeisterish: striving to be a warrior in her little context.
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2 Responses to 2011: Looking Ahead

  1. Karen says:

    Wonderful pictures.
    I like the stack of Christmas presents.
    Good luck with the packing!


  2. birthemor says:

    I love the latest addition of pictures and to see the Bentos , they are so creative and elegant! I would love to be able to create a blog about socks, hats and scarves some day. I also loved the beretninger fra et autentisk landbrug and brødet links. Thanks sis 🙂 –birthemor

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