Devilled Pig Kidneys

On Sunday I had the great good fortune to attend Cochon 555, a rock-concert-like celebration of heritage pigs.  Five amazing chefs, five different heritage pigs, a butchery competition, really great oysters, lots of fantastic people, and my favorite St. Germaine & Prosecco cocktails.  It was a feast for every sense.  More on Cochon 555 to come, but in the meantime.. I won a bag of pig goodies: two trotters, a big bundle of pig skin, and a lobe of kidney.  Here’s what I made from the kidney:

Devilled Kidneys on Toast

Devilled Kidneys on Toast

I adapted a recipe from Fergus Henderson’s The Whole Beast: Beyond Nose to Tail Eating.  His recipe calls for lamb kidneys, which are in fact really delicate and sweet, especially when freshly harvested, but I used one lobe of pig kidney, and it was a perfect lunch for one.

1 lobe of pig kidney
3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 heaping teaspoon sweet paprika
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
1 teaspoon Coleman’s English mustard powder
1 big pinch freshly ground pepper
1 big pinch sea salt
1 knob of butter
a splash of Worcestershire sauce
4-5 tablespoons trotter gear (sticky-delicious pork & chicken stock-jelly: any good chicken stock will do fine)
2 slices rustic crusty bread

Chop the kidney into 1/2-inch pieces, trimming away all white tough bits.  Dredge the kidney pieces in the flour and spice mix, tossing to coat well, and shaking to remove excess flour mix.  Add to a medium sauté pan once your butter is sizzling, and fry for two to three minutes, tossing so all sides get a little seared.  Don’t over cook –you want these tasty bits tender.  Add a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and then your trotter gear or stock, and toss gently until a creamy sauce forms –don’t let the sauce over-reduce!

During these last few minutes, toast your two slices of bread and plate them, pouring the kidney and sauce over the toast.  Feast!


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12 Responses to Devilled Pig Kidneys

  1. Jeremy Merritt says:

    …what is in the “Poison Really!” jar?

  2. mosaica says:

    It’s a curing salt, used for some charcuterie. I wrote a pretty thorough description of it in the text accompanying the image in my flickr set:

    Gonna go shovel my way to my truck now!

    • mosaica says:

      Uke mochi: your name is beyond lovely, and I was so pleased earlier in the day when I noticed you’ve linked to my blog from your wonderful one. And thank you for your beautifully succinct comment; it makes me beam 🙂

  3. The toast was homemade bread, right?

    Great looking bread!


  4. Mark S. says:

    Looks awesome. If I have any kidney left over from this weekend’s crepinettes, I know what I be using them in.

  5. Mike Profit says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you at Cochon555 and I am very impressed with your blog. I’m not a kidney fan but do love Fergus Henderson’s book.

    • mosaica says:

      Thanks! I had a terrific time, and if I was young and fancy-free I’d be following the Cochon 555 tour around the country like a proper groupie 🙂 I can’t believe that you don’t like kidneys.

  6. Janis says:

    Love this recipe. I am going to get a pig soon and I will ask to keep the kidneys for this dish!

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