Cometh the Fall

..the nice autumn-y fall, not the consequence of pride one. That means I’ll be going out as apprentice butcher more often, and it means a glorious profusion of apples are just around the corner, so the mincemeat post that I promised Jackie months ago is also coming up soon! For today, a picture of breakfast, a crazy-delicious plate of deviled lamb kidneys on toast.

deviled lamb kidneys with bits of bacon and parsley on 10-grain home-made toast, aka, YUM

Deviled lamb kidneys with bits of bacon and parsley on 10-grain home-made toast

I still have a lot of market garden harvest work in the next month or so, plus putting up the harvest (tomato sauce today), but the blog should perk up this winter. Hope you’ve all had a good summer, and hope to see you here as fall turns to winter: contemplative season, a good time to rest and take stock. And make stock.


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7 Responses to Cometh the Fall

  1. I was just wondering about you – so glad to see you’ve just been too busy. I’ll keep bugging you ’till mincemeat – now is the time…

    Glad to see you’re alive & kicking : )

  2. strikkepigen says:

    Det ser dejligt ud, great presentation, og jeg ved jo at det maa vœre lœkkert. mor

  3. Nanny Ogg says:

    Nice looking parsley!!!

    Sis :p

  4. Blorgie says:

    Take stock and make stock! Ha ha!
    Ten seed bread sounds a fine thing and a great foundation for your devilled fancies (-:

  5. vtbee says:

    Please add me to the short list of friends to invite over for this spectacular dish! 🙂

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