The Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop Project launches!

Pull on your galoshes and hurry on over to Kickstarter to back a really fantastic project: Walter, Holly, and their family are building an on-farm butcher shop at Sugar Mountain Farm! This really is good news, not just for those of us here in Vermont and New England, but for all who support locally and humanely grown meat with which to feed ourselves, our family, our friends, and our customers.

A Sugar Mountain Farm pig

A Sugar Mountain Farm pig

Sugar Mountain Farm is already known for the sterling, scrumptious, and altogether superb pork that they raise, and when the Butcher Shop Project is finished, they’ll be able to process their meat in a smartly designed abattoir, butchery, and kitchen space. This means the pigs will be free from the stress associated with being transported for many miles, and this is both more humane and results in better quality meat.

I encourage you to go over to the Sugar Mountain Farm Kickstarter page and learn more about this family and their work, and please pledge a little or a lot, depending on your circumstances.

Much of the pork that I’ve used in the cooking projects which I share on this blog have as their delicious center a bit of Sugar Mountain Farm pork, and it means such a lot to me that my ingredients and therefore my food has a back-story, a provenence which encompasses growing friendships, shared passions for modern farming lives, and, in the case of Walter and his family, a genuinely remarkable generosity. If you spend even a little time reading the Sugar Mountain Farm blog, you can see for yourself how Walter shares his astonishing range of experience and knowledge without reserve.

Little girl Hope and little piglets

Little Hope with piglet friends

I am grateful for each opportunity that I have to buy a bit of Sugar Mountain Farm pork for a cooking project –a thick slab of belly destined for bacon-y goodness, a few kidneys with which to cook up my beloved deviled kidneys on toast, or a jowl to make a greedy hunk of guanciale. I’m grateful because I trust these people as farmers, and I just plain like them, more and more as I get to know them. And I love the subversive and clandestine glee that I get when I meet Holly & Hope at the park & ride off Route 91 to exchange a bit of cash for meaty treats.

Hope and I are both fans of a certain genre of books, and while Holly clambers around in the van finding my wares and writes out the receipt, Hope and I exchange these great flurries of book-recommendations. This is how shopping for food should be, at least part of the time.

I can’t wait to see the finished Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop!


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5 Responses to The Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop Project launches!

  1. amy says:

    I was just going to email you about this!!

  2. chefconnie says:

    This is something I could really get behind. Love the pig.

  3. sugarmtnfarm says:

    I wanted to update you on the project here at your blog and thank you for helping us spread the word and your backing. We just made 100% funding of our goal for the butcher shop. Any additional funds will be able to go towards the next step in our project, the on-farm slaughter and then later the smokehouse. Check out this post:

    To visit our project see:


    Walter Jeffries
    Sugar Mountain Farm
    West Topsham, VT

    • mosaica says:

      I know, I know! I’ve been refreshing your Kickstarter page numerous times each day, and I watched you tick over $25,000 and whooped happily. I hope you get even more pledges so you can carry out the smokehouse project with ease. Mm smokey bacon 🙂

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