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Have Feast, Will Travel

I recently asked a group of friends to help me pin down a secular, psychological, or philosophical equivalent to the term `grace’ as it is sometimes used in a religious context, describing the experience in which a person feels that … Continue reading

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A Picnic with Walter

The elements which produce a well-cured bit of charcuterie are straightforward:  really great meat, salt, and time. It sounds simple, and honestly it is, but the loving and obsessive details –the herb and spice choices, the long close scrutiny, the … Continue reading

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You say Chorizo, I say Chouriço

Actually, I say both! Today I made both Mexican Chorizo and Portuguese Chouriço, as well as a batch of forcemeat for tasty old-fashioned crepinettes de porc.  It was a big sausage day.  I made about five pounds of each, and … Continue reading

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Hog casings from scratch

As mentioned a few days ago, I decided to harvest some small intestine from the pigs we slaughtered on Tuesday to make my own hog casing for sausage-making.  Early that morning I had been reading in Charcuterie how Brian and/or … Continue reading

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