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The Sugar Mountain Farm Butcher Shop Project launches!

Pull on your galoshes and hurry on over to Kickstarter to back a really fantastic project: Walter, Holly, and their family are building an on-farm butcher shop at Sugar Mountain Farm! This really is good news, not just for those … Continue reading

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Pudding Time

From the Oxford English Dictionary: † ˈpudding-time Obs. The time when pudding or puddings are to be had; hence fig., a time when one is in luck; a favourable or useful time. 1667 Dryden & Dk. Newcastle Sir M. Mar-all … Continue reading

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Have Feast, Will Travel

I recently asked a group of friends to help me pin down a secular, psychological, or philosophical equivalent to the term `grace’ as it is sometimes used in a religious context, describing the experience in which a person feels that … Continue reading

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Lamb Kidneys

The butchering season is upon us here in New England, and I’ve been out a lot with my farm-butcher mentor Chet and his son Nick. Yesterday we slaughtered 9 lambs and one beef, and I came home with a bucket … Continue reading

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Devilled Pig Kidneys

On Sunday I had the great good fortune to attend Cochon 555, a rock-concert-like celebration of heritage pigs.  Five amazing chefs, five different heritage pigs, a butchery competition, really great oysters, lots of fantastic people, and my favorite St. Germaine … Continue reading

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New Year’s First Leverpostej!

I was going to title this post New Year’s First Liverwurst, because it rhymed nicely, and because I generally use the term liverwurst when telling non-Danes about leverpostej, but in fact, leverpostej isn’t technically a liverwurst, but rather a liver … Continue reading

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Hog casings from scratch

As mentioned a few days ago, I decided to harvest some small intestine from the pigs we slaughtered on Tuesday to make my own hog casing for sausage-making.  Early that morning I had been reading in Charcuterie how Brian and/or … Continue reading

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