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Have Feast, Will Travel

I recently asked a group of friends to help me pin down a secular, psychological, or philosophical equivalent to the term `grace’ as it is sometimes used in a religious context, describing the experience in which a person feels that … Continue reading

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Everything Is Just Ducky

Okay, not really. This month my Charcutepalooza projects have been all about how good food –dreaming it up, cooking it, talking about it with friends, sharing it with friends and family, and (not least) eating it– sustains the spirit as … Continue reading

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Eggus Benedictus

This breakfast involved a satisfying and delicious trifecta of cooking projects,  bringing together the varied activities of baking, charcuterie, and sauce-making and resulting in a plateful of surpassing tastiness.  Plus there was that deeply pleasurable feeling of having created all … Continue reading

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Good Smoke Bad Smoke

The April Charcutepalooza challenge is hot smoking, and April 1st is the date that my building officially became non-smoking. I’ve smoked cigarettes on and off for years, and for the last ten years or so I’ve derived less pleasure and … Continue reading

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Duck Prosciutto

The first project for Charcutepalooza, also known as The Year of Meat, is duck prosciutto.  I was excited to hear this as I’ve been wanting to make it since I read about it in Ruhlman’s and Polcyn’s book Charcuterie.  The … Continue reading

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